Dominic Marsh takes a listen to Roksan’s £1250 K3 Digital to Analogue Converter. The more I do this reviewing job, the more I am convinced that there is no such thing as the “perfect” hifi component. It cannot be, because everyone has different hearing acuity and personal preferences for the sound that pleases them, so if any hifi manufacturer lays claim to producing that “perfect


Низкие цены на Roksan (Роксан) в интернет-магазине БигТВ. Интегральный усилитель Roksan Kandy K3 Integrated AMP Charcoal. На заказ 

Dubbla RCA utgångar samt 1 par XLR utgångar. Mått (BxHxD): 432 x 105 x 380 mm. Vikt: 7 kg. Nypris: 17.500 kronor. Med originalkartong. DACen / D/A omvandlaren Roksan K3 DAC är funktionstestad hos Rehifi.

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Låt dig svepas med till filmerna och seriernas förtrollande värld. Med bara stöd för en ingång så kan du bli lite begränsad i … 2021-02-27 Currently, Roksan’s lineup of integrated amplifiers includes three models, each at a different tier with the most affordable being the K3 integrated amplifier ($2,000 US). The K3 integrated amplifier is the first Roksan product that I’ve had a chance to review, though I’ve appreciated hearing a number of Roksan products over the years at dealers and audio shows. 2020-10-18 The feature rich amplifier provides connections for both RCA Unbalanced, Moving Magnet and Bluetooth inputs as well as RCA preamp outputs to connect to a power amplifier such as Roksan’s own Kandy Power Amplifier. The K3 will put out 140w into 8ohms and 220w into 4ohms. Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier Performance Line inputs. Overall, as I have already mentioned, I have found this amplifier to be very exciting indeed. The power Moving Magnet Phono Stage.

Roksan K-link mottagare. Dubbla RCA utgångar samt 1 par XLR utgångar. Mått (BxHxD): 432 x 105 x 380 mm Vikt: 7 kg Nypris: 17.500 kronor Med originalkartong. DACen / D/A omvandlaren Roksan K3 DAC är funktionstestad hos Rehifi. Vi ger 3 månaders garanti, 30 dagars bytesrätt och 10 dagars öppet köp när du köper begagnade produkter hos oss.

For a fun, lively amp that can't fail to keep you entertained, the Roksan K3 is one to consider. The K3 DAC is one of the most unique products in the Roksan range.


Niin isompien Roksan-vahvistimien kuin muiden merkkienkin kanssa. Hyvän äänenlaatunsa K3 CD on poikkeuksellisen monipuolinen CD-soitin koska siinä on myös optinen ja koaksiaalinen digitaalitulo eli se toimii laadukkaana DA-muuntimena muille digitaalisille ohjelmalähteille. Roksan. $4,179.00 $4,399.00. *Warrant for 1 year 5 isolation units (isolation without suspension) Super-accurate crystal speed control system Electronic switching between speeds (33 and 45 RPM) High-quality aluminium alloy pulley system Stylish new ‘glass effect' acrylic plinths Red and blue LED illumination to signify speed. Roksan North America.

The Roksan K3 has some huge shoes to fill. Up until a number of years back, its Kandy K2 stablemate was clearly one of our favourites in the cost. The K3 is expecting to score a success that is similar, but at a cost that is new, jumping from just under GBP 1000.
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The Roksan K3 integrated amplifier is a classic, one box integrated amplifier with all the inputs you’d want at this price level. It is very heavy at more than 30 lbs., but heavy is good when it comes to amplifiers because it means it includes a good power transformer and solid chassis to block any EMI and RFI from coming into the box. A great step up in terms of both style and quality, the Roksan K3 is a much more sophisticated amp. Using a substantial and rigid new chassis, the K3 amplifier weighs in at a hefty 14kg. It's this mass that provides excellent damping against mechanical vibration, so reducing the chances of distortion still further.

Con il suo design elegante nuova, caratteristiche sonore fenomenali e capacità di streaming aptX® Bluetooth, il nuovo amplificatore è veramente orientata verso audiofili esigenti di oggi. 2 dedykowane wtyki Roksan RCA po 17.00 za sztukę, czyli para za £34.00 5-pinowy DIN za £ 45.00 5-pinowy żeński DIN za £25.00 Wysokiej klasy kabel HDC-03A długości 2,5 metra za £120/metr, co daje kwotę £ 300.00 plus opłata za wykonanie - £ 54.00 Галерея электроники Назаров предлагает товары бренда Roksan. Шоурум в Усилитель мощности Roksan Kandy K3 Stereo Power Amplifier Charcoal. Roksan K3 Power Amplifier Charcoal Black в магазине on-off-on.
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Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier £ 1,295.00. The Roksan's K3 Integrated Amplifier is a great pick for anyone looking to improve their Hi-Fi system. It delivers excellent high end audio performance. With elegant design and phenomenal sound characteristics, this …

Roksan Platinum PR150B Pre Amplifier  Knob Feel. 11.1K subscribers. Subscribe · Roksan K3 - Integrated Amplifier - Knob Feel Review. Watch later. Share. Copy link.