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The IBM System 360 led the computer revolution. "Mad Men" designers spent two days at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., sketching the real thing to get it exactly right.

Functionally, the Model 91 ran like any other large-scale System/360, but the internal organization was the most advanced of the System/360 line, and it was the first IBM computer to support out-of-order instruction execution. It ran OS/360 as its operating system. It was designed to handle high-speed data The IBM 360/75 Computer equipment in the Mission Control Center, Building 30 of the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, 1975. The computer is part The diodes and transistors used in IBM computers 360 on April 1964 are much smaller: 200 microns thick, 600 side. The IBM System/360 is the longest-lived computer architecture of all time — the software written for it in 1965 is still running on some Z-series IBM mainframes today. The modular monolith Until the System/360, the mainframe market was highly fragmented. IBM's SMS technology was superseded by Solid Logic Technology (SLT) introduced with the System/360 Computer in 1964, however they remained in use with legacy systems through the 1970s.

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System/360. IBM's first family of computer systems introduced in 1964. It was the first time in history that a complete line of computers was announced at one time   13 Nov 2015 Amdahl was known for his mainframe computers at IBM and his own company, Amdahl Corp., according to an article by IEEE Computer Society  7 Apr 2016 On April 7, 1964, IBM introduced the IBM System/360, a rather successful family of mainframe computer systems, originally produced between  7 Apr 2014 IBM's System 360 mainframe, celebrating its 50th anniversary on Monday, was more than a just another computer. The S/360 changed IBM just  22 Mar 2016 I found this IBM 360 For sale on Ebay. Wy wife would let me buy it so i figured a follow computer nerd would want it. 7 Apr 2004 Forty years after Big Blue introduced the S/360, the zaftig systems are still going strong and finding a way to fit into 21st-century computing.

Guide to Computing True testimony of developments in IT history, this series of ten Console of an IBM 360/195 computer from 1971 - Stock Image - T404/0051.

IBM System/360 Model 65 Computer The April 1964 announcement of IBM System/360 was revolutionary in content and unprecedented in scope. It replaced all five of IBM’s (6-bit-byte) computer product lines with one strictly compatible family, using a new hybrid-integrated-circuit technology and a new 8-bit-byte architecture. The iconic IBM System/360, or S/360 ushered in an era of computer compatibility—for the first time, allowing models across a product line, and even from other companies, to communicate. The System/360 was the first compatible computer system.

av Ö David · 2016 — Will IBM´s Mainframe computer survive another paradigm det att det var IBMs stordator system 360 modell 75 som arbetade i realtid med att 

The IBM System/360 Model 30 was a low-end member of the IBM System/360 family. It was announced on April 7, 1964, shipped in 1965, and withdrawn on October 7, 1977. The Model 30 was designed by IBM's General Systems Division in Endicott, New York, and manufactured in Endicott and other IBM manufacturing sites outside of U.S. IBM spent US $5 billion to build the System/360, introduced in 1964. These 9-track magnetic tape drives were among the S/360’s 150-product line. A short list of the most transformative products of the past century and a half would include the lightbulb, Ford’s Model T—and the IBM System/360. The iconic IBM System/360, or S/360 ushered in an era of computer compatibility—for the first time, allowing models across a product line, and even from other companies, to communicate.

IBM has continually shifted business  INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC VERSION OF S/360 CONTINUOUS SYSTEM MODELING PROGRAM USER'S AND SYSTEM MANUAL  for the phenomenally successful System/360, which was introduced in 1964.
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borgs Datacentral [the Computer Centre in Gothenburg] where an IBM 360/65 was situated as well as a D21 from the computer manufacturer  This article analyzes the rhetoric used in the Datasaab-IBM controversy when the first of the History of ComputingApril 1999

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The System/360 is a ground-breaking family of mainframe computers introduced by IBM. In addition to making 8- bit bytes the standard, its most notable contribution was the introduction of the idea of a program compatible family of computers, across a fairly broad performance range.

Typ av objekt. StillImage. Tillhandahållande institution. Telemuseet  Operation and system administration of the management information system IBM 360/370 Institute of Computer Science of Polish Academy of Science 29/antikythera-computer-animation. 26 IBM 360. • Tillverkades mellan 1965 och 1978. • Täckte alla behov, från små företag till Nasas behov.